Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ajax Based Search Engine

For a past few days I was working hard to integrate an AJAX based search engine in to It is one of my primary steps towards getting style of a standard web portal.
Now I am successful for providing this only for searching through the web. Now I am planning to expand the searching for videos, images and news.

Just click on the following link to experience an AJAX based search.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hosting & Logo Change

Hosting location of has been changed. At first it was hosted on a 10 MB linux web hosting space bought from I was feeling that it is not enough for the proper development. Hence I bought 2000 MB linux web hosting from I am very comfortable with the new hosting location. I bought it 2 days before but only today the DNS records as properly updated world wide. I moved all the contents from old host to new host at yesterday night. got a new logo. Designed by my wife cini (nandhu). The new logo is given below.
How this looks, hhe ?

Monday, October 8, 2007

Who, What & How

Hai Guyz,
My name is Benoy Bose. This is my first blog that I ever created.
I am a young guy from India and an entrepreneur aspirant too. Starting from my early childhood I liked to stand by myself. For each and every thing I faced in my life, I created and stood with my own unique and independent decision & style. Some times some of them are respected by others but some times people teased over it. But my stand was solid and unchanged and I was satisfied with Who I am, What I am & How I am.
As I said earlier I am an entrepreneur aspirant and I wanted to start my own enterprise. Since I came from a middle class family, my inherited assets were very few and was not enough to start a new enterprise. I married in my early days of youth, hence I was not able to take risk of moving huge finance, like all other entrepreneurs do. Theses situations made me working on some other companies, that I usually hate to do. But working with some other company was a good experience to learn a lot of things.
Now I am starting from my first milestone to reach the summit. I am start creating my first web project called
The word nandhoo came from my wife's name 'nandhu'. When I looked for the domain '' I found that is already been taken by some one else and I strictly wanted to get a .com domain too. Then I modified the lookup word from 'nandhu' to 'nandhoo'. There are two reasons behind this modification.
  • It keeps the same pronunciation as 'nandhu' and looks almost the same.
  • The presence of two 'o's in the name resembles the domains '' and ''.
Hence I registered the domain and made that my own.

By the web site '' I mean & I wish the following things.

  1. Is web2.0 web portal.
  2. Its a news portal too.
  3. Visitors can search here for web, news, images & video.
  4. It can do Social networking & Business networking.
  5. It hosts blogs.
  6. Its main revenue will be from web marketing & advertising.
  7. It uses latest open source and free technology like PHP, MySql etc
  8. It will have a multi lingual web interfacing.

Now I am just started my dreams and I am on the veranda too.

Thanks & Regards
Benoy Bose